5 Jobs In The Medical Field You Probably Haven’t Thought About

“When I grow up, I want to be a gerontologist,” said no one, ever. I highly doubt that even people who are gerontologists right now knew that such a career even existed as a kid. Who can blame them though? No one talks about them. Let’s take a closer look at 5 different jobs in the medical field you probably haven’t thought about.

#1; Cytotechnologist

What did the cell say to his sibling when she stepped on his shoe? Ouch, mitosis! Cytotechnologists prepare and evaluate tissue and human cell samples through a microscope to see if they carry different diseases including (but not limited to); cancer, bacterial infections, and leukemia. To become a cytotechnologist, you will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited cytotechnology program. The average salary for a cytotechnologist in Canada is $31.79 per hour. If you are independent, interested in cytology, microscopic work, and are comfortable with a high degree of responsibility, being a cytotechnologist is something you should look into.

#2; Perfusionists

“My heart will go on!” Hopefully, since it’s a perfusionist’s job to make sure it does. Perfusionists handle the heart and lung machines that take over the functions of patients’ organs while they are in surgery. You will need a certified clinical perfusionist(CCP) credential to be entitled to this job. Perfusionists do not necessarily have to work full-time, they even occasionally work as needed whenever called. An average perfusionist will make $51.40 per hour in Canada. If you have precision, self-confidence, and enjoy biology, I would recommend diving deeper into the world of perfusionists. 

#3; Gerontologists

You may either love or hate working with seniors, but for gerontologists, it’s their job! Gerontologists specialize in the field of aging-related things of change over the lifespan of an average human. There are different types of gerontologists such as; research gerontologists, applied gerontologists, and administrative gerontologists who all play different roles in gerontology. To become a gerontologist you must have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university. The average gerontologist makes $118 per hour in Canada. If you have patience, compassion, and enjoy working with elders, gerontology could be the job for you.

#4; Space Psychologists

Many people may think going to space seems fun but turns out that a lot of people just aren’t cut out for the job. A space psychologist advises selection panels about which astronauts are the most capable for different teams and missions. They also counsel crews before, during, and after flights. To become a space psychologist, you need a PH in psychology and you must be trained in multi-disciplinary. This means that you will need to be well informed in scientific areas such as neuroscience, history, and biology. An average psychologist makes $54.05 per hour in Canada. If you are empathetic, a good communicator, and are interested in space, the work of a space psychologist might spike your interest.

#5; Orthotists

Why are prosthetics companies the best? Because they’re always willing to lend a hand! An Orthotist evaluates patients and judges the strength of their muscles and makes and fits braces and splints for those who are medically impaired. To become an Orthotist, after receiving a master’s degree in prosthetics and orthotics you must complete a full year of residency before you are eligible to apply for the national certification boards. The average Orthotist makes $26.42 per hour in Canada. If you are investigative, social, and enjoy helping people be their best versions, orthology is for you. 

These are five jobs in the medical field you probably haven’t thought about. You can impress your friends, teachers, or parents with your new-found knowledge in the medical field. Hopefully, this article helped you learn something new!

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